Philips Healthcare Telemonitoring Set für die eigenständige Patientenüberwachung von Zuhause











Philips Healthcare Telemonitoring Set 


neu /unbenutztes System


Preis: 450,-€



This is an auction for a brand new comprehensive patient telemonitoring set designed and created by Philips Medical Systems

(a division of the parent company: Philips).

This entire box includes the following:


• Wireless TeleStation Main Hub Unit (Model# M3812CA)

• Wireless Digital Scale (Model# M3813B)

• Wireless Pulse Oximeter (Model# M3814B)

• Wireless Blood Pressure Machine (Model# M3815B)

• Three battery packs (for scale, pulse ox, and blood pressure machines)

• One medium size blood pressure cuff (Model# M3815-60011)

• One Power Cord for main TeleStation hub unit (Model# 989803169091-14)

• One Telephone Cord for main TeleStation hub unit (Model# 989803169091-90013)

• Complete Instruction Guide with accompanying DVDs and CDs


Each unit in the entire box has been inspected and is in new original working condition. It has never been used and everything is still in its original packaging.

This system is ideal for people who are looking to monitor their weight, pulse, and blood pressure on a regular basis at home (where they can securely transmit their results to their doctor's office).